pŠenica ozimná azoter

Results of bacterial bio-fertilizer AZOTER testing evaluation in the cultivation of winter wheat



In the locality of Dvory nad Žitavou, an operational experiment of winter wheat (Panonicus variety) was established in 2014. On 6th November 2014, AZOTER fertilizer was applied by spraying a dose of 10 liters per hectare together with a dose of 300 liters of water per hectare before sowing the wheat, in the course of pre-sowing soil preparation. It was subsequently incorporated into the soil by a compactor. The sowing of winter wheat seeds (Panonicus variety) was on November 6th, 2014 with the HORSCH Concord 9 m seed drill together with the application of MAP 12/52 fertilizer.

The scheme of nutritional variants with applied AZOTER fertilizer is demonstrated in Table 1. The area of the experimental nutritional variant was 40 ha. The foliar nutrition with AZOTER L fertilizer was applied by spraying a dose of 300 liters of water together with the fertilizer on March 17th, 2015. Combine harvesting took place on July 14th, 2015. The content of N substances, gluten, starch, moisture, and mycotoxins (fusariums) were defined in wheat grain.


Table 1            Scheme of nutritional variants with AZOTER fertilizers in the experiment of winter wheat in 2014.

Nutrition variant No.


Dose of AZOTER fertilizer in the soil

in l. ha-1

Dose of  MAP 12/52

in kg.ha-1

Dose of

AZOTER L on the leaf in l.ha-1


Dose of DASA 26/13

in kg.ha-1

Dose of LAV

in kg.ha-1

Area of treated variant in ha Dose of water  for treatment


K – control


100 200 150 136,0 ha
1. AZOTER 10 100 10 200 100 40,0 ha 300 300


Table 2            The achieved winter wheat yield and selected grain quality parameters in the operational experiment with using AZOTER application in the locality of Dvory nad Žitavou.


Control 1. Azoter
   Variety treatment Panonicus Panonicus
Preceding crop maize (seed) maize (seed), rye
area (ha) 136 40
Total yield  (t) 707,64 244,04
yield t/ha 5,20 6,10
moisture (%) 12 11,5
N substance (%) 13,9 12,6
gluten (%) 28 24,4
starch 66,2 68,2
sedi. Test (%) 65 63
Zeleny sed. 49 47
Fusarium 7000
KEE 1,071,07 2,01

Table 3            Economic evaluation of AZOTER bacterial fertilizer in winter wheat growing

Nutrition variant No.


Total cost of fertilizers and their application per 1 ha Purchase Costs of AZOTER F and AZOTER L per 1 ha Yield increases due to fertilization in t. ha-1 Yield increases due to fertilization in € .ha-1 Economic efficiency ratio KEE Profit

in € .ha-1

Profit on an experimental area of 40 ha in € .ha-1
K – Control 142,0  € + 21€ = 163 € 1,07
1. AZOTER 195,6  €+ 18 € = 213,6 € 66,0 € 0,90 t.ha-1 144,0 € 2,01 78 € .ha-1 3120 €


The price for 1 ton of wheat is 160 €

The price for 1 ton of MAP 10/52 is 480 €

The price for 1 ton of DASA 26/13 is 284 €

The price for 1 ton of LAV 27 is 248 €

Price AZOTER F is 37 € / ha

Price AZOTER L is 29 € / ha

Price of industrial fertilizer spreading is 7 € / ha

Price for sprayer is 9 € / ha



The effect of individual nutritional interventions on crop formation, N content, gluten, starch, and mycotoxins (Fusariums) in winter wheat grain (Panonicus variety) using AZOTER fertilizer was monitored in the operational experiment on heavy brown earth soil. The synergistic effect of the applied mineral nutrition and the use of AZOTER F bacterial biofertilizer and AZOTER L leaf nutrition achieved:

  • an increase in winter wheat yield by 0.90 t.ha-1 compared to the control variant (only with the application of mineral nutrition)
  • an increase in economic efficiency of used nutrition (increase in economic efficiency coefficient from 1,07 to 2.01)
  • improvement of the quality parameters of wheat grain by achieving a zero value of mycotoxins. In the control variant the content of mycotoxins was set at 7000 ppm, which significantly worsens the final evaluation of the product on the commodity market
  • using AZOTER fertilizer after considering the cost for its purchasing and its application on the experimental plot with an area of 40 ha, the profit is 3.120 €

A significant benefit of improving the quality parameters of wheat grain by applying AZOTER fertilizer is, that the improvement in mycotoxin content has been achieved biologically, using the positive antagonistic effect of mycoparasitic fungi found in AZOTER fertilizer.



In this way, I would like to give my thanks, on behalf of AZOTER s.r.o., to the management of the agricultural company in Dvory nad Žitavou for the possibility of carrying out the operational experiment on a model experimental crop – winter wheat


Doc. Ing. Ladislav Varga, PhD.,  product manager of  AZOTER s.r.o